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Pack of 2 Cell Phone Seat Lux

Pack of 2 Cell Phone Seat Lux

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Be hands-free in style with the Cell Phone Seat Lux.

Why buy one when you can get two at a discount! Coated in a supple matte finish, Cell Phone Seat Lux has a smoother feel with a fully flat back and secret holding slot for smaller phones. The Lux is more flexible on the bottom so it's easier to flex into smaller cup holders (like 3" or less in diameter) and also works well for phones without cases. 

  • Fits Any Phone, Even Phones with Cases
  • Fits Standard Cup Holders 3" to 4" Wide
  • Easy to Put In and Take Out with ONE HAND
  • Holds Phone Vertical or Horizontal
  • Power Cord Access

WARNING: Once you try it you can't drive without it!

Please note Cell Phone Seat Lux is made outside of the United States.

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