How to Choose The Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

How to Choose The Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

Distracted driving contributes to over 3,100 deaths each year, and the number one distraction is cell phone use. Many states have enacted hands-free laws, some carrying steep fines and penalties, so a reliable cell phone mount is not only necessary for safety, but it can also keep you legal on the road. There are many variables to consider when making this purchase. If you choose the wrong model, you find yourself fumbling to catch the phone as it falls from the dash, or you're searching the passenger seat and then holding your phone to see the navigation screen as you drive.

All of these scenarios result in distracted driving. In some cases, you could even be stopped and cited by law enforcement, so let's review what to consider when purchasing a cell phone holder for your car. Where should you mount your phone? Your cell phone mount should be placed in the most convenient place for you to see and reach it while allowing you to stay focused on driving and keeping your hands on the wheel. You also want to avoid placing your phone where it could impair your view of the windshield, or the road, by causing blind spots. There are only a few places to mount your phone while still keeping it visible and within reach while driving.

You have the dashboard, the front of the dashboard, and your cup holders. How do you choose the best cell phone mount? There is no shortage of clever ideas and gadgets for mounting your phone, and some styles are better than others, and most models come with a standard set of features like adapting to different size phones or providing a landscape position.

Here are some important things to consider before you make your purchase.


Type of Mounts

Dashboard mounts or windshield mounts? Both options offer a good viewpoint to see your phone, but they make it hard to reach and can often create blind spots. Then you also have to consider how it is mounted. The suction cups on the windshield and adhesives on the dash mounts are known to fail when exposed to heat or cold. And speaking of exposure, leaving your phone in direct sunlight for extended periods can cause it to overheat and shut down. Both windshield and dashboard mounts make avoiding direct sunlight impossible.

Another option is to mount your phone using a vent mount. These place your phone below the windshield and within reach, but they block the vent, and these mounts are usually less reliable because the vent is not a stable surface. The bumps and vibrations from the road cause your phone to move, meaning you must adjust it frequently. Or worse, it falls off completely, and your phone is on the floorboard, entirely out of sight and out of reach. Vent mounts still create an issue of exposure. Running a heater in your car during the winter months will not be phone friendly and can cause the phone to overheat.

Cup holder mounts are a solid option, and there is no shortage of these types of mounts, some better than others. The problem with some of these cup phone holders is that they take away a holder for your cup, and sometimes they are unbalanced and can cause heavier phones to topple over. Cell Phone Seat cupholders offer the unique ability to use your cup holder for more than just your phone. And it's unique design prevents toppling, providing a sturdy, reliable mount.


Features, Installation & Charging Ability

Most standard phone mounts offer basic features, like positioning your phone to landscape or portrait. You also want something that allows you to quickly and easily add and remove your phone from the mount (preferably with one hand and no veins popping out of your forehead) while it also stays secure. Cord management is another nice feature that most cell phone mounts fail at, and cords are tricky.

They can be in the way while driving and inhibit the ease of adding or removing your phone from the mount. When surveying your options, you also want to consider the installation process. The suction devices often involve more than just creating a suction, as you will need to position it properly, and if there are adhesives applied, you want to make sure it's not something that will damage your vehicle.

Finally, you want to ensure that the mount will fit in the space you choose while the phone is mounted, leaving enough room to remove the phone from the mount easily. With cup holder mounts, like The Cell Phone Seat, you can have all the features and none of the sacrifices. There is nothing to put together, no adhesives or suction cups. It simply mounts inside the cup holder and stays securely in place. And unlike other cup phone holders, The Cell Phone Seat leaves room for your cup, and it offers charging ability while helping to keep your cord out of the way of your dashboard and controls.


Price of Cup Holder Mounts

The cost of phone mounts can vary greatly. There is a full spectrum from cheap, low-quality products all the way up to higher-priced models made with superior materials. With Cell Phone Seat, at less than $25 each, you get American-made quality at an affordable price, and it comes with all the features you need in a cell phone mount.



There are over 270 million smartphone users in the United States, and this number increases every year, as does the number of distracted driving accidents. Having the right cell phone mount for your car is much more than convenient. It's a matter of safety. Don't let the wrong phone mount compromise the safety of you and others on the road. Purchase a Cell Phone Seat today and stay safe and legal while driving.

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